Located on Brač Island, the largest in central Dalmatia, in front of the port city of Split, there is a beautiful yet undeveloped open space where the project takes its implementation.

SUTIVAN is a small picturesque village in the northwestern part of Brač, whose buildings date from the time of the Emperor Diocletian. Today the approximately 650 inhabitants live from fishing, seafaring and agriculture, thanks to the fertile fields . This romantic, historical appearance, the hospitality of the small island community, the pine-clad coves with crystal-clear sea and its hiking trails that lead past olive groves and vineyards create a unique Mediterranean atmosphere. As a sophisticated, modern destination, Sutivan offers visitors an optimal mix of leisure and recreation options. Many hours of sunshine and the mild climate on Brač makes it an ideal place to visit all year round.

  Type of construction:   Complex of villas
  Year of construction:   2015
  Land plot:   ca. 3.000 m²
  Building plot:

  Villa 1: 615 m²

  Villa 2: 500 m²

  Villa 3: 500 m²

  Living space:   Villa 1: 154 m²

  Villa 2: 166 m²

  Villa 3: 164 m²

  Remaining area:

  ca. 1.385 m² as a leisure area

  Location :   ca. 500m to the beach

Property equipment: terrace ✔ swimming pool ✔ garage & outside parking ✔ loggia ✔ tennis court ✔ playground ✔ garden area ✔

On approximately 3.000 m2 of land, 3 impressive villas are planned to be built.This exclusive project aims to place modern architecture amongst the natural beauty of the Croatian countryside. This piece of land, located on a hill, will provide the Villas an unobstructed beautiful view of the sea, the panorama of Split and the mountainous Karst Coast.

The plan is for 1.650m2 to be used for the buildings, which is divided into three plots of 615 m2, 500 m2 and 500 m2. The design of each plot is not identical. The draft of the floorplan shows individual design elements. The remaining area is planned to be communal area with a garden, a playground and a tennis-court. The property will be accessible via a private road.

The construction and the equipping of the villas will reflect contemporary living tastes and will be a harmonious combination of comfort, sustainability and quality. The attention to detail in the production and the use of the high quality materials such as the famous Brac stone will ensure a high quality finish to the project. According to the guidelines of the Energy Performance Certificate A+, the components supplied are energy-conscious and efficient.

The green area will be planted as an organic garden with local, climate-familiar plants.

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